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Commutative Algebra 14

Basic Open Sets For , let , an open subset of Spec A. Note that . Proposition 1. The collection of over all forms a basis for the topology of . Proof Let be an open subset of Spec A. Suppose … Continue reading

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Topology: Topological Groups

This article assumes you know some basic group theory. The motivation here is to consider groups whose underlying operations are continuous with respect to its topology. Definition. A topological group G is a group with an underlying topology such that: the … Continue reading

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Topology: Locally Connected and Locally Path-Connected Spaces

Locally Connected Spaces Recall that each topological space X is the set-theoretic disjoint union of its connected components, but in general (e.g. for X=Q) fails to be the topological disjoint union. The problem is that the connected components in general aren’t open … Continue reading

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Topology: Path-Connected Spaces

A related notion of connectedness is this: Definition. A path on a topological space X is a continuous map The path is said to connect x and y in X if f(0)=x and f(1)=y. X is said to be path-connected if any two points … Continue reading

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Topology: Connected Spaces

Let X be a topological space. Recall that if U is a clopen (i.e. open and closed) subset of X, then X is the topological disjoint union of U and X–U. Hence, if we assume X cannot be decomposed any further, there’re no non-trivial clopen subsets of X. … Continue reading

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