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Topology: Separation Axioms

Motivation The separation axioms attempt to answer the following. Question. Given a topological space X, how far is it from being metrisable? We had a hint earlier: all metric spaces are Hausdorff, i.e. distinct points can be separated by two … Continue reading

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Topology: One-Point Compactification and Locally Compact Spaces

Compactifications There’re lots of similarities between completeness and compactness, beyond the superficial resemblance of the words. For example, a closed subset of a compact (resp. complete) space is also compact (resp. complete). Two differences though: compactness is a topological concept … Continue reading

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Topology: Hausdorff Spaces and Dense Subsets

Hausdorff Spaces Recall that we’d like a condition on a topological space X such that if a sequence converges, its limit is unique. A sufficient condition is given by the following: Definition. A topological space X is said to be Hausdorff if … Continue reading

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Topology: Limits and Convergence

Following what we did for real analysis, we have the following definition of limits. Definition of Limits. Let X, Y be topological spaces and . If  f : X-{a} → Y is a function, then we write if the function: is … Continue reading

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