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Commutative Algebra 10

Algebras Over a Ring Let A be any ring; we would like to look at A-modules with a compatible ring structure. Definition. An –algebra is an -module , together with a multiplication operator such that becomes a commutative ring (with 1); multiplication … Continue reading

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Commutative Algebra 8

Generated Submodule Since the intersection of an arbitrary family of submodules of M is a submodule, we have the concept of a submodule generated by a subset. Definition. Given any subset , let denote the set of all submodules of M containing … Continue reading

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Elementary Module Theory (I)

Modules can be likened to “vector spaces for rings”. To be specific, we shall see later that a vector space is precisely a module over a field (or in some cases, a division ring). This set of notes assumes the … Continue reading

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