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Commutative Algebra 27

Free Modules All modules are over a fixed ring A. We already mentioned finite free modules earlier. Here we will consider general free modules. Definition. Let be any set. The free A-module on I is a direct sum of copies of … Continue reading

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Projective Modules and Artinian Rings

Projective Modules Recall that Hom(M, -) is left-exact: for any module M and exact , we get an exact sequence Definition. A module M is projective if Hom(M, -) is exact, i.e. if for any surjective N→N”, the resulting HomR(M, N) → HomR(M, N”) is … Continue reading

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Krull-Schmidt Theorem

Here, we will prove that the process of decomposing is unique, given that M is noetherian and artinian. Again, R is a ring, possibly non-commutative. Definition. A decomposition of an R-module M is an expression for non-zero modules An R-module M is said … Continue reading

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