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Plans for the Blog

No, this blog is not dead. But I’m contemplating how things will proceed from here. It started off when I wanted a centralised location for all SIMO notes, accessible by all students, even those who’re possibly not in the training … Continue reading

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Linear Algebra: Inner Products

[ Background required: basic knowledge of linear algebra, e.g. the previous post. Updated on 6 Dec 2011: added graphs in Application 2, courtesy of wolframalpha.] Those of you who already know inner products may roll your eyes at this point, … Continue reading

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Number Theory and Calculus/Analysis

Background required: modular arithmetic, calculus. Once in a while, I’ll post something which offers a glimpse into more advanced mathematics. Here’s one. Example 1 For starters, we know from basic algebra that . Let’s see if there’s a corresponding result … Continue reading

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