Plans for the Blog

No, this blog is not dead. But I’m contemplating how things will proceed from here. It started off when I wanted a centralised location for all SIMO notes, accessible by all students, even those who’re possibly not in the training team. It turns out I’m the only contributor of articles here, so it’s probably no longer appropriate to name it SIMO. Furthermore, the new articles are getting further and further away from Olympiad-type of mathematics and there’re certainly many different aspects of tertiary-level mathematics that I’d like to talk about.

So where shall we go from here?

From here on, I’ll probably be posting various tidbits about mathematics of all shapes and forms, irrespective of its level. However, to spare some basic consideration for readers, the pre-requisites will be stated and hopefully, even readers without the assumed pre-requisites will gain some glimpse of beauty in the underlying mathematics.

Prior to that, I will of course rename this site. Since I’ve been the sole author of articles so far, I assume there’ll be no vehement objections. PS. If you’d still like to contribute an article, please don’t hesitate to do so!

That’s all. Happy Lunar New Year. 🙂

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2 Responses to Plans for the Blog

  1. Eugene Lee says:

    Maybe we can return to more IMO-style topics nearer to the SMO so we can get a bit of extra knowledge before we take the paper.

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