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Solving Permutation-Based Puzzles

Introduction In the previous article, we described the Schreier-Sims algorithm. Given a small subset which generates the permutation group G, the algorithm constructs a sequence such that for: we have a small generating set for each Specifically, via the Sims … Continue reading

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Schreier-Sims Algorithm

Introduction Throughout this article, we let G be a subgroup of generated by a subset  We wish to consider the following questions. Given A, how do we compute the order of G? How do we determine if an element lies in G? Assuming , how … Continue reading

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Casual Introduction to Group Theory (1)

Introduction Last year, I created a blog which was supposed to introduce concepts to abstract algebra in a systematic manner. Though I was reasonably happy with the end result, I got the sneaky feeling upon completion that the end product … Continue reading

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